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Lizabeth Stuart was born in Drucilla, Kentucky. She was raised by her grandparents, Hester Rose and Walter Lee. She has never known her mother, Rebecca, who was seventeen when Lizzie was born and left Drucilla a few days later. The identity of Lizzie's father was a secret that Hester Rose took with her to her grave.

As for her career - Lizzie has a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the University at Albany. Her area of research and writing is crime history. She is also very interested in crime and popular culture. When the series begins, she is teaching at a university in Kentucky and is an unmarried woman in her late thirties.

Lizzie is a fan of film noir. She has seen Double Indemnity more times then she can count. Also on her list, any Alfred Hitchcock film, High Noon, Sound of Music (she actually knows the words to the songs), and a long list of really bad B-movies that she still stays up to watch on the late, late show. Lizzie loves chocolate, and consumes what she considers too much of it as she is working on her historical mystery about a murder in 19th century Kentucky (that seems likely to be published). One of these days, she just might write a historical romance - her favorite reading when she wants to relax.

Lately, she has been brushing up on her chess game because John Quinn is giving her serious competition. John Quinn - well, John Quinn is subject about which Lizzie would prefer to speak for herself.

Incidentally, until recently, Lizzie would have said that her life was a bit dull. She doesn't have that problem anymore.

Lizzie's favorite websites:

For the film noir lover -
Chess -

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