Welcome to Harry's Corner

I'm Harry. I'm a Maine Coon mix. I used to be called Tyson. But the "dog person" (yeah, she said that right in front of me) who adopted me decided I was "sweet". No cat sense at all. But she's trying. I think she may be trainable. She now understands that her first task every morning is to raise the blinds so I can look out the windows. Then she brushes me.

Life is good. Sunny spot. Favorite toy. My human needs to watch me and learn how to chill out.

Ryder, you look pretty cool for a dog. I bet we'd get along. Glad you and your human won my giveaway.

My human said I look especially handsome today. She even sung happy birthday to me. Birds tweeting, sun shining. Still waiting for my cat grass.

Russ, one of my pet sitters, took this photo of me a few months ago. My human forgot to post it. This is the way I look in the morning when I'm caught between a yawn and a meow. Even making a funny face, I'm handsome.

Did I mention that I'm my human's muse? This photo of me gave her an idea. She said something about that framed art print against the wall. I say, if I hadn't been so photogenic, she would never have seen whatever she saw.   

Here I am in my person's office. She has all these books. You would think she'd have more than one or two about cats. 

My human went away. She said "pet sitters" would take care of me. I wasn't thrilled when they started just walking in. But they were friendly and good with cats. The one called Lori took this picture to send to my human. 

Harry on a chair

My person finally realized that shiny stuff that was supposed to rustle and keep me off the furniture wasn't working. Aluminum foil? I stepped right over it. She gave up and bought "pet covers" for the sofa and this armchair. Then she came home and find me napping in her black office chair. She said something about cat hairs. What did she expect? I'm a cat.