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World of the Stories

The Timeline


Even though they exist in separate series with alternate histories, Lizzie Stuart and Hannah McCabe are connected by events and people. All of my books and stories exist in the same fictional universe.

You don’t need to have all of this in mind when you read a book or story. Each stand alone. But I thought you might enjoy seeing how this has evolved – something that I wasn’t aware of myself until I began work on my historical thriller set in 1939.



In “In Her Fashion,” Lizzie Stuart discovers that a young woman from Gallagher was in Paris in 1939.

“The Birth of the Bronze Buckaroo” is set in 1939.



In “Since You Went Away,” Lizzie Stuart’s grandfather, Walter Lee, a sleeping car porter, tries to clear a falsely accused man when a murder occurs on board the Chicago-bound train.

That same year, Jo Radcliffe, a former Army nurse, debuts in “The Singapore Sling Affair,” the upstate New York village she has returned to after the war.



Lizzie’s mother, Becca, is involved in two murders in Chicago. She has a connection to two characters who will first appear in my 1939 historical thriller.


2000-2004 – Lizzie Stuart books

Death’s Favorite Child

Hester Rose, Lizzie’s grandmother dies. Lizzie discovers her grandmother may have known where Becca went when she left Drucilla, Kentucky. Lizzie meets John Quinn in Cornwall, England.


A Dead Man’s Honor

Lizzie goes to Gallagher, Virginia to spend a year investigating a lynching that occurred there. She learns a secret about her grandmother.


Old Murders

One of Becca’s high school classmates gives Lizzie some information about her mother.


You Should Have Died on Monday

Lizzie goes to Chicago when a private detective Quinn hired finds a lead on her mother.


Forty Acres and a Soggy Grave

During a gathering of Quinn’s friends, Lizzie learns more about Quinn’s military background. But he has not told her one secret about his late father (see “Condolence Call” in Quinn’s section).



In “Eel’s Blood,” Lizzie and Quinn investigate a cold case involving a body in the river.



The Red Queen Dies

Initially this series was set in the near future. But the passing of real time means the series can now be read as alternate history. In 2019, a right-wing independent presidential candidate, has links to Albany, NY.


What the Fly Saw

Although she doesn’t know it, Hannah McCabe and her family have attracted Howard Miller’s attention.



1939 – Historical Thriller

The events of A Penny Struck by Lightning (work title) occur in 10 months in 1939. What happened during this year has tendrils that reach through all the other books and stories.

Police Procedural

In the not-too-distant future, in Albany, New York, crime is only one of the problems the detectives of the APD have to worry about.

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