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Lizzie calls him "Quinn," so let's stick with that. Quinn was an Army brat. His father was career military, an officer. His mother was not the kind of woman who was well-suited to that life. They divorced when Quinn was a child. His mother later remarried. Quinn lived with his father, and eventually attended West Point. He served in the military police, and then later was a detective on the Philadelphia police force.

His recent past has been unsettled. Meeting Lizzie Stuart has added another disturbing element to his life. Although he has managed to make the adjustment more quickly than she has, he has spent a fair amount of time thinking about their relationship. Such thought requires a cup of good - as opposed to Lizzie's downright horrible - strong coffee.

Even more recently, he has had another addition to his life. But George, the yellow Lab, is more easily controlled than Lizzie. Not that Quinn is the kind of man who wants to control a woman, but he wouldn't mind if she would occasionally just say "yes, of course, you're absolutely right."

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