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At Lewis Carroll Society Conference

Frankie with Ricardo Jaramillo
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This past Friday and Saturday, I was in Winston-Salem, North Carolina attending a meeting of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America (LCSNA).

This was my first meeting since joining the society a few months ago. I discovered the LCSNA when I was doing research on the author and his books as I wrote The Red Queen Dies. Having the opportunity to attend a meeting of experts on Lewis Carroll (pen name of Charles Dodgson) was great fun. The meeting began with a play, "Happily Ever After," written by Charlie Lovett and performed by the third graders at Summit School. The next morning, we saw Daniel Singer's play, "A Perfect Likeness," about a fictional meeting between Dodgson and novelist Charles Dickens. The rest of the day included scholarly papers, art, music, an evensong sermon, and dinner hosted by Charlie and Janice Lovett in their home. Charlie invited his dinner guests to examine his extensive Carroll/Dodgson collection. I had a chance to view the postage-stamp case that Dodgson designed.

(Art Print by Dave Windisch)

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