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Discussion Questions for A Dead Man's Honor

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1. Should Lizzie have moved to Gallagher, Virginia after her grandmother, Hester Rose, warned her never to go there? Does the fact that Hester Rose was concealing something make a difference?

2. The present-day events in the book begin on Halloween. How does this affect Lizzie's mood? What about the events that occur that night?

3. How would you describe Richard Colby, the murder victim? Does your opinion of him change as you learn more about him? For better or worse?

4. Can any of Lizzie's colleagues at the university be trusted?

5. John Quinn has moved to Gallagher and is now the university police chief. How does his position affect his actions during the murder investigation?

6. When Lizzie goes to John Quinn's house, she learns several things about him. Is what she learns important in understanding who he is?

7. The Orleans Cafe is an institution in Gallagher. So is Miss Alice, the proprietor. What role does she play in the book?

8. Were you expecting what Miss Alice told Lizzie about her grandmother, Hester Rose, and her presence at the lynching?

9. At the end of the book, a minor character reappears at an important moment. What did you think about this?

10. Whose "honor" does the title refer to? Can the title be taken in more than one way?

11. Do you have the sense that Gallagher has changed since Mose Davenport was lynched in 1921?

12. Are there characters in this book whose pain you feel more than others? Why?

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