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Discussion questions for What the Fly Saw

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1. The victim, Kevin Novak, is described by those who know him as a good husband and father. Arguments for and against that description?

2. Discuss the character Olive Cooper, the eighty-five year old woman who the reader first encounters during her celebration of life. What kind of person is she and what function does she serve in this novel? 

3. What do you think of Luanne Woodward, the visiting Southern medium? Do you think she is a fake?

4. Kevin Novak and his family belong to a megachurch. Do you think people are drawn to religion during times of anxiety? What other possible responses appear in this novel?

5. Ted Thornton, the wealthy industrialist/adventurer, makes a return appearance in this book. Is he a character that you find interesting? 

6. In this novel, the fictional mayor is dealing with a number of realistic problems. In our own near-future, should we reasonably expect a mayor (and city government) to be able to cope with problems ranging from broken water pipes to cholera threats?

7.  In the alternate history, virtual reality will play a significant role in many of our lives. In this novel, what issues does the use of virtual reality by Detective Pettigrew and other characters raise? 

8. The title of this book is What the Fly Saw? Who is the "the fly" in this book? Is there more than one?

9. Does the person arrested at the end of the book bear total responsiblity for Kevin Novak's death?

10. Do McCabe's relationships with her own family members and friends affect her responses during the course of the murder investigation? If yes, can you offer examples?

11. Did McCabe fail the young woman who died? Should she have done something differently?

12. At the end of the book, the reader learns that McCabe is facing a threat of which she is unaware. What resources do you think she will be able to call on when trouble comes?







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