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Discussion Questions for Death's Favorite Child

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1. Lizzie Stuart grew up in Drucilla, a small town in Kentucky. She was raised by her grandparents. She left town only to attend college and graduate school. Is this important in understanding who she is?

2. When Lizzie encounters Michael Donovan, her best friend's ex-husband, does her refusal to do him a favor seem reasonable? Has Lizzie been right to keep her negative feelings about Michael to herself rather than telling Tess?

3. Lizzie joins Tess for a vacation in St. Regis, Cornwall. Do you have a clear sense of the setting? How important is the setting to the events in this book? 

4. Lizzie and Tess stay at a private hotel (equivalent of a bed and breakfast). How does this affect the interactions that take place?

5. How does Lizzie feel about being an African American woman in this seaside town in England? Is she aware? Concerned?

6. Lizzie finds herself in the midst of a police investigation because she is a witness to an encounter between Dee and her boyfriend and because she is there when Dee dies. Do Lizzie's actions both before and after Dee's death make sense? Does she sometimes behave illogically?

7. Did Lizzie's reactions to any of the people she encounters in St. Regis surprise you? If so, why?

8. By the end of the book, secrets have been revealed. It is clear that some relationships have been built on lies and deceptions. Aside from the murder victims, who has been harmed the most by these lies and deceptions? Who are you most concerned about in the future?

9. What do you think of John Quinn? Does he have characteristics that would put him and Lizzie in continuous conflict? Do he and Lizzie have anything in common?




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